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Last Updated 7/30/20



After many weeks of planning and organizing, it’s with great excitement that we announce that we will be moving forward with a Virtual Dance Concert live-streamed on Sunday August 30th, with filming held on Saturday August 22nd and 23rd.

After ironing out as many details as possible we are VERY excited to experience a Virtual Live Streamed Dance Concert! While it may not have been the way we thought our 2019-20 season would culminate, after working out the details we are eager to experience this new avenue of performance. Since we can't gather in the audience, our audience will be safe in the comfort of their own home and the audience can be anywhere in the world so family and friends across the country can enjoy the show! This will also be the first time ever that our dancers can enjoy the Dance Concert with their families from the “audience”.  In addition to being able to view their own dance concert, we are excited for the new learning opportunity that the Virtual Dance Concert will present for our students! 

All in all, we are excited to finally be working towards something concrete and we look forward to bringing the routines to life on stage and on your screen!


Here’s an idea of what the Virtual Dance Concert will look like…


1. All of our dancers will continue to learn and memorize their choreography throughout the month of July via their pre-recorded choreography videos.


2. In August we will be organizing Live rehearsals so that dancers can clarify, review and ask questions of their teachers. Our teachers are confident that they can get our students stage ready and pumped up for the show! (See Rehearsal Schedule Below)


3. While our Virtual Dance Concert will be held (live streamed) on Sunday August 30th from the comfort of your living room, we will be spending 2 awesome days filming our routines for the virtual show (August 22nd & 23rd). All social distancing and safety protocols will be in full effect. (See Filming Schedule Below)


4. We will be setting up an outdoor stage in the front parking lot of Thrive Dance Center. This large 42 x 32 stage will be set up with a backdrop, professional stage lighting, a canopy shading the stage, a start of the art sound system and several high tech HD cameras ready to shoot the show! The stage set up will be very similar to a dance convention stage setting, for those who have attended conventions.


5. We plan to have outdoor changing areas that will be created using tents with side walls. We will make sure there is adequate air flow and ventilation in all tents and only a minimal number of students will be assigned to each changing area. In addition, if the required protocol changes, we can also allot our classrooms as changing spaces (if it’s safe to do so). For those who want to take extra precaution, you can provide your own changing space (tent or car etc.)


6. Our dancers will be performing in groups that are regulated by the most current County regulations and will remain socially distant on stage. Our faculty has taken this into consideration when choreographing the routines. 


7. Dancers will be scheduled to come to the studio in small groups where they will have the opportunity to rehearse their routine on stage, perform their routine for the camera, take a photo in their costume and then change into their next costume in order to film their next routine. All of this will take place outdoors and of course all County of Ventura and State of California safety protocols will be followed.


8. The show will be filmed and edited in a theatrical and creative way that can’t be achieved when you have a live audience. This type of filming will only be able to take place because we will not have anyone seated in the audience and the camera’s are able to move freely without obstructing any views from the audience.


9. Once dancers are finished performing they will move to another outdoor tented area to take their Professional Dance Concert photos! For only $40 each student can take 2 different poses in each of their costumes and receive all photos digitally! (No sets or props will be used for sanitary purposes). (See Photo Package Information Below) 


10. Once their performances and photos are complete, dancers will be ready for parent pick up.  For young dancers who need assistance with changing costumes, one parent will be needed on sight to help.  There will not be any parent volunteers or Thrive Staff working in this capacity.  One parent will need to present to ensure that our young dancers have the help they need and can remain socially distant.


11.  The last and final step will be to anticipate the final edited product that will be live streamed on the following Sunday August 30th. Get excited!

Please see all schedules below and note that this page will always be updated with the most recent information.