With ever changing Covid protocols we have been working day and night trying to secure a venue for our upcoming Dance Concerts! After days of planning, organizing and making sure we can accommodate all of our dancers and families, we are SO excited to announce that we will be having our annual dance concert series, United We Thrive 2021 IN PERSON!

We will be holding 5 live & in person performances! By doing multiple shows we can create smaller audiences, ensure that we meet COVID protocols and ensure that our dancers can invite several guests to their big show! Keep in mind, in order to create small audiences & meet capacity limits many dancers will be performing in multiple shows.

With the dance concert just around the corner, we wanted to send you all of the information you will need to make the next few weeks a breeze. 

We know that the end of the year can be overwhelming with school, dance and other life activities so please do not hesitate to reach out with your questions. We are happy to help, we are happy to assist, we are HAPPY that our 10th Anniversary Shows are happening in person! :)

In order to adhere to current Covid protocols and capacity limits we will be holding 5 shows this year. Please check the dates, times and line ups below in order to know which show your dancer will be performing in. There will be classes that will guest perform in each show to give dancers time to change costumes. Be sure to check ALL line ups to assure you know which shows your dancer will be performing in. Sit with your dancer to look through the line up, many of the kids will recognize their dance titles, teachers etc. and that will make the process a bit faster.


Note: Per California Lutheran University COVID policy masks are optional during performances and will be required at all other times on the premises. Audience members must wear a mask at all times on the premises.

The Gilbert Arena at California Lutheran University
60 West Olsen Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Show 1 - Tuesday June 15, 2021
*Featuring Monday - Thursday Level 1 classes for ages 7-10
Dancer Call Time: 4:45pm
Show Time: 5:30pm - 6:45pm

Show 2 - Tuesday June 15, 2021
*Featuring Friday - Saturday Level 1 class for ages 6-10
Dancer Call Time: 6:30pm
Show Time: 7:15pm - 8:30pm

Show 3 - Wednesday June 16, 2021
*Featuring our tiniest dancers, combo classes ages 3-6 and Acro 1 ages 4-6
Dancer Call Time: 4:15pm
Show Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Show 4 - Wednesday June 16, 2021
*Featuring our Level 2 & 3 classes ages 9-13
Dancer Call Time: 5:45pm
Show Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Show 5 - Thursday June 17, 2021
*Featuring our Level 1 (11+), Level 2 (13+), Level 3 (14+), Level 4 & 5 classes
Dancer Call Time: 5:45pm
Show Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Monday June 7th - Saturday June 12th at Thrive Dance Center
We will be holding dress rehearsal here at the studio during the last full week of classes. Students will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform in their costumes during their regular class times. Our last day of regular classes is Monday June 14th. Current Covid protocols permit us to be inside in limited numbers with masks which will allow our dancers to change into their costumes indoors when needed. Your dancer should come to class with their hair and make up done and their costumes in a bag ready for them to change when it's rehearsal time.

Photo Days are a wonderful tradition commemorating each dance season and we are so excited to be able to offer Photo Days during this pandemic year! Photo Days will be held on Friday June 11th & Saturday June 12th and dancers will be able to take professional individual photos in each of their costumes. Click the Photo Day button at the bottom of this page for more information and to reserve your Photo Day time slots.  Class photos will not be taken however sibling photos are permitted.


Tickets are $25 each.

Each show features a different set of classes. To create small audiences many dancers will perform in more than one show. In addition, certain classes will perform in multiple shows.
For Example: Saturday Musical Theater is performing in 3 different shows due to the wide variety of ages and levels in the class.

Due to capacity limitations at the Gilbert Arena, all dancer's families will be guaranteed 4 tickets to each of their shows. Each dancer's family has already pre paid for 2 tickets which were included in your Dance Concert Participation fee. You will receive your 2 pre paid tickets via email and you will have the option to purchase 2 more tickets.

Pre paid tickets will be distributed via email starting today May 27th and all pre paid tickets will be distributed by Monday May 31st. Your pre paid tickets will be emailed to your email address on file. Keep an eye on your inbox for your pre paid tickets!

You will be able to purchase your 2 additional tickets starting today! We encourage securing your 2 additional tickets before sales open to the public. Since we are working with an audience capacity limit, we do expect all performances to sell out.

Tickets will go on sale to the general public on Friday June 4th. At this time anyone who wants to purchase additional tickets can do so until the show sells out. We will send an email announcing when Tickets are open to the public.

*At this time please only purchase tickets for your dancers main Class Shows. If you purchase tickets for a show that is not designated for your dancer your tickets will be canceled and you will have to wait until the tickets are open to the public for purchase. This will ensure that all families can watch their dancers perform.


If your dancer is in multiple shows you will receive 2 pre paid tickets for each show (via email) & you will have the option to purchase 2 additional tickets for each show.

Guest performers are notated on the show Line-Ups. If your dancer is a guest performer in a show (and they do not have class routines in that show) then you cannot purchase tickets for that show until they go on sale to the public. This will ensure enough seating for all parents to see their dancers class routines. 

*Remember to click the SHOW LINE UPS link below and check each show line up to determine which shows are your dancers main class shows. If you are unsure of which show to purchase tickets for please email us. We are happy to help! :)


We can't believe that we've spent an entire year outdoors anticipating this moment! We can't wait for you to see all of the hard work our dancers have put in this year and to see them shine during this culminating event!