December 7, 2020

Studio Closed Due To Red Flag Wind Advisory

Due to the current 30-40mph winds, 70mph gusts and today's Red Flag Advisory for Ventura County, the studio will be closed for in person classes and all classes will go Virtual.

The most recent message from the weather service suggests staying indoors and to avoid going outside around trees and branches. Safety is always first when managing the safety of our dancers and we want to make sure our dancers stay home and out of harms way.

As always our teachers will be putting lots of thought and effort into making tonight's virtual classes a chance for our dancers to continue to train, come together in community and of course have fun! 

We hope to resume in-person classes tomorrow, Tuesday December 8th.
You can access all of your dancers Virtual classes through your Thrive Portal.
Wishing all of our Thrive families and our Conejo Valley families a safe and happy day!

Thrive Dance Center is not just a building but it's our passion and our dream. Our students are not just dancers they are our dance family. Our Thrive families mean so much to us and now more than ever we realize the impact dance has on all of our lives, students, parents and teachers alike. Please know that we will not stop until we are all back together again safe, happy, smiling and dancing!

November 19, 2020

Studio Closed Due To Weather


Weather conditions for today are very similar to yesterday's forecast which means we will need to go virtual for classes today, Thursday November 19th.  We plan to return to In-Person classes tomorrow, Friday November 20th. 



You can access the links to your classes through your online portal. Be sure to refresh your screen as the Zoom links are always being updated and if you do not refresh your portal could be showing an old Zoom link. If you have trouble getting into a Zoom class please be sure to refresh.

Our teachers look forward to creating exciting Zoom class experiences for our dancers today and we look forward to being together again, In-Person tomorrow!



November 18, 2020

Studio Closed Due To Unexpected Rain


There has been some unexpected drizzle/rain in the forecast and we will need to go virtual for the remainder of classes for today, Wednesday November 18th. 

All dancers are safe and sound.



If your dancer is already here for classes, please make your way to the studio to pick up your dancer and to transition to virtual classes for the rest of the day.

Classes at the 5:45pm hour will be CANCELLED. (Dancers will receive 1 make up class.)
If your dancer has classes at 6:45, 7:45 & 8:45pm, they should stay home as their classes have turned to virtual.  
You can access the links to your classes through your online portal. 


We apologize for the last minute change as mother nature has it's own plan for today :)